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Clinton Personal Injury Lawyers

Missouri Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you have suffered a serious personal injury, you have many things on your mind. Your first concern is your safety and your family's welfare. Depending on the nature of your injury, you may be preparing for surgery, undergoing specialized treatment, or participating in a physical rehabilitation program. Speaking with a lawyer may be the last thing on your mind.

Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney, however, is one of the first things you should do. Medical insurance or car insurance may provide temporary relief, but it is a significant error to place your financial security and that of your family in the hands of the insurance companies.

All too often, our firm is contacted by people after they have signed away their rights. Not realizing the full extent of their injuries or the long-term costs involved, they sign a release and receive a settlement that may be adequate for their current financial needs, but is insufficient in the long run to provide for their future medical costs. Often, people feel a false sense of security because their initial bills are covered by the insurance company. Months later when the medical bills are piling up and the insurance company is either denying or delaying coverage, the injured party calls our office in a state of anger or panic.

Protect Your Rights

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, slip and fall accident, or some other accident that caused a serious injury, get the legal help you need. Contact an attorney at our office and let us put our 100-plus years of collective legal experience to work for you. We have been successfully handling personal injury and wrongful death cases for decades. We apply an aggressive and reasoned approach to each case, and it earns results.

Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Motorcycle Accidents

Automobile accidents, including car accidents and truck accidents, are the most frequent cause of injury that leads people to contact our office. Insurance companies are not generous when it comes to providing adequate relief for people who have been injured in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident. In fact, the initial settlement offers made by insurance companies, even if you have an attorney, are often so low that they are insulting. People deserve more for their pain and suffering. People should be able to pay all of their medical bills. People should be able to get the care they need.

Wrongful Death

Our firm handles wrongful death cases. Nothing is more devastating than the death of a loved one. No amount of money will bring back the person you love. We understand this fact. You have rights, however, and you are justified in seeking just compensation if a loved one has been killed in a car accident, premises accident, or other cause of fatal injury.

To contact a Missouri personal injury lawyer, call (660) 889-4641 or call us toll-free at 800-897-4021. You may also contact us online for assistance.

We represent people in Clinton, Missouri, and in the surrounding areas including Warsaw, Osceola, Sedalia, Warrensburg, Butler; and Henry County, Benton County, St. Clair County, Bates County, Pettis County, Johnson County; and the Truman Lake Area.


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